Javadoc-like format to describe your styles (CSS, LESS, SASS etc.)


StyleDoc format specification and essentials.


Parser and showcase generator for documented styles.

Available for browser, npm, grunt, bower.


Categories: css

Status: Partial

Base CSS selector that can contain element name, class or whatever.

Handling in documentor

All modifiers and states in examples and live previews are applied to element(s) matching this selector.

Not implemented Multible docblocks having same @base are combined into a single showcase section.

Draft Not implemented Also creates example code snippet, if @example tag is omitted (e.g. .button => <span class="button">Content</span>).


Element name based:

@base button Normal button

Description is not necessary:

@base button

Or can be distant for better readability:

@base button   Normal button

Class name based:

@base .action-link   Action link, optionally with icon

Attribute value based:

@base [type="checkbox"] Regular checkbox

Complex selector:

@base input[type="radio"].crazy:not(#bogus) My crazy radio button

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