Javadoc-like format to describe your styles (CSS, LESS, SASS etc.)


StyleDoc format specification and essentials.


Parser and showcase generator for documented styles.

Available for browser, npm, grunt, bower.


Categories: css

Status: Implemented

A CSS selector that modifies @base selector by adding class(es) or/and ID or/and any other secondary CSS selector components.

Also sets a title for the modified variation of element.

Any number of modifiers can exist within the same section.

Documentor limitation

Current version of StyleDoc documentor tool only supports CSS modifications that can by applied by creating or altering some HTML attribute(s).

That means, :hover, :focus or :empty modifiers are useless for documentor, though :checked or :readonly will work (<input type="checkbox" checked>).


@base     button        Normal button
@modifier .bright       Bright colored button
@modifier .large        Large sized button
@modifier .large.bright Large sized bright button

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